Leadership Owasso

Leadership Owasso is a program designed to develop and connect strong leaders in the Owasso area who are interested in expanding their knowledge of government, education, economic development, healthcare, social services, and other quality of life initiatives.

Beginning with the Class of 2022-2023, each Class will begin in August with a mandatory day and a half Leadership Retreat. Each session following will consist of one full-day class a month from September through May, totaling 10 Class Sessions.

Each Class will be responsible for presenting a philanthropic class project at the end of class, giving back to the Owasso community. A Graduation and Alumni Dinner will occur in June, giving an opportunity for Classes current and past to celebrate and connect.

Benefits of the Program

You will grow personally. Through individual participation and group dynamics, participants will discover their leadership potential and gain new insights into themselves as individuals.

You will learn. We can guarantee that every participant will increase his/her knowledge of the Owasso community, no matter how long you have lived here. The scope of Leadership Owasso will engage you in new ideas.

You will meet new businesspeople and community leaders. You will get to know your classmates and form lifelong friendships and community partners. You will also interact with dignitaries from around our city, region and state.

You will gain new perspectives. Participants are selected for their diversity of experiences; therefore, you will hear perspectives that are deeply felt, strongly supported, and perhaps different from your own. You will have many opportunities to share your experiences and beliefs with others who have not heard your voice before.

You will reinforce and energize your commitment to community service. As a result of Leadership Owasso, you will be considerably more effective in your business and community work. You will also be a part of producing a Class Project that gives something back to the Owasso community.

Program Commitment

You have to want to participate in Leadership Owasso.

All participants are incredibly busy people from all walks of life. Your application indicates your commitment to attend and participate in all classes.

You have to be able to participate. Attendance is mandatory.

Participants must attend each class in its entirety. You may miss no more than one class during the year to successfully complete the program. This program is non-refundable.

New classes are forming now.

To inquire about the application process, you may email Chelsea or call the Owasso Chamber office at 918-272-2141. You may also apply online.

Click the link to see a description and class schedule for 2022-2023.

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Sponsorships Available

  • Sponsor a PARTICIPANT for $500

    (Sponsor a participant to relieve potential cost burden to application)

  • Sponsor a SESSION for $500

    (Sponsor one class session and have your logo displayed on the session program and in general marketing)

  • Sponsor a LUNCH for $500

    (Provide the cost for a class lunch and have your logo displayed during the session and in general marketing)

  • Sponsor a CLASS for $2,500

    (Sponsor a class and have your logo displayed in every class session and in general marketing)

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Alumni Group

Leadership Owasso graduates are invited to join our private Alumni group on Facebook, to connect with classmates and learn about Alumni events.

Application for Leadership Owasso

Please complete all fields and submit 2 reference letters to be considered for the next Leadership Owasso class. Class size is limited to 25 students per year. Applicants will be notified by August 1, 2023 if they were not accepted in this year's class.

Open Application for Leadership Owasso Class