• Social Media Promotion

    If you are looking to promote your business through social media, please utilize this form to submit the details. Note: Running a Contest or Hot Deal is the best way to maximize your exposure.
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    I want to expand my facebook reach
    I want to drive more visitors to my website
    I want to drive up online sales
    I want more traffic at my physical location
    I want to build Brand Recognition for my business
    I want to promote a sale item
    I want to promote a brand new item
    I want to reach out to other chamber members
    Please mark every goal that applies to you in order of importance, with 1 being most important and 8 being least important. If a goal isn't important to you at all, please choose N/A.
    Type N/A if you want the chamber to help you create a contest.
    If you have a flyer, logo or other graphic you would like us to use for this promotion, please upload here. Additional files can be emailed to Shala@owassochamber.com
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    Check all that apply. Notes: Social Media Contest requires a prize. Hot Deal requires a discount or freebie item that you would like promoted to the community. Member 2 Member deal is a discount or freebie item that you would like promoted only to other chamber members.