• Plus One Rewards Program

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    What is the Plus+One Membership Matters Program? 

    This program was created by the Chamber Board of Directors as a way to bring more awareness to the Chamber and ultimately increase membership. 

    Why is Chamber Membership so important?

    The Chamber is a 501(c)6 organization.  We do not receive tax dollars.  Membership Dues are what keep our doors open.  The Chamber is the leading voice for businesses in our community.  We advocate for your business.  When we do our job right, the community will grow.  When the community grows, it creates a bigger audience for your business to market to. 

    Goals of the Program:

    • Increase luncheon attendance
    • Increase table sponsorship for chamber luncheons
    • Increase chamber membership


    Let's GROW together & connect with more of the Owasso Business Community.


    Membership Matters



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  • How Does It Work?

    Chamber Members have the opportunity to earn tickets for their referrals.  A drawing will be held at the December Luncheon for multiple prizes. 
    *You do not need to be present to win

    The referring member is responsible for completing the referral card and returning to chamber staff. 

    3 Ways to Enter:

    1 Referral = 1 Ticket  Invite someone new to any of the 2018 Chamber Luncheons. (multiple referrals = multiple tickets)
    New Sponsorship = 5 Tickets  Invite someone to sponsor a table at a Luncheon or have your own company become a new table sponsor. 
    New Chamber Membership = 10 Tickets  Invite someone to become a new Chamber Member.  (credit applied once payment has been received)

    Things To Remember:

    YOU are responsible for completing the referral card and returning to Chamber Staff.  This can be done at any Chamber Luncheon. 
    *Look for the fish bowl. 

    The chamber will verify the referral, sponsorship or membership and place your tickets in the prize tumbler.


    • The Plus+One Chamber Rewards Program is applicable to all members in good standing with the Owasso Chamber of Commerce.
    • A new membership is defined as an individual or business who has not been a Chamber member within the last 12 months to qualify.
    • A completed referral form must be received by the Chamber indicating YOU as the person referring the new business.
    • Should a referral be submitted more than once, the Chamber will honor the first referring party only.  There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
    • Referrals must join the Chamber within 60 days of the referral form submission date.
    • Plus+One is a marketing and rewards program of the Owasso Chamber of Commerce.
    • The drawing will take place at the December luncheon. 
    • You do not need to be present to win.