• October 2018 BOB Recap

  • On Tuesday, October 9th the Owasso Chamber held our final Business over Breakfast for 2018.  Trigent Technologies sponsored the event, which they held at Just a Bite Bakery.  There was a great turnout of local business leaders.  But who could resist all the goodies that Just a Bite has to offer?! 

    We are so thankful to Ed Phillips (Trigent) and Kathie Johnson (Just a Bite) for the great atmosphere and delicious food!  It was a wonderful networking experience and we saw several new faces.  Dr. Kyle Cavitt of Green Country Chiropractic was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.  He walked away with $80 cash!!

    If you are interested in attending or hosting a future networking event, you can contact Shala for details.  Networking events are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7 times a year.  Due to holidays and vacations, we do not hold these events in November, December & January, as well as July & August.  If you would like to host a future event, download the sponsorship flyer for details.

    Our 2019 calendar is full:

    Tuesday, February 12th - Baptist Village (breakfast)
    Tuesday, March 12th - Homestead of Owasso (breakfast)
    Tuesday, April 9th - Prosperity Bank (breakfast)
    Tuesday, May 14th - Western Sun Federal Credit Union (after hours)
    Tuesday, June 11th - Brookdale Senior Living (breakfast)
    Tuesday, September 10th - Prosperity Bank (after hours)
    Tuesday, October 8th - First United Mortgage (breakfast)

    We are currently booking for 2020.  Available dates at this time are as follows:

    Tuesday, March 10th
    Tuesday, June 9th
    Tuesday, October 13th
    Host sponsor chooses whether to host Business over Breakfast (8 - 9 am) or Business after Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

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    Looking for more exposure? 
    Contact us for this 200x200 px space.

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