• December 2017 Monthly Luncheon Recap

  • On Wednesday, December 6th, the Owasso Chamber of Commerce held the December Membership Luncheon at Tulsa Tech's Owasso Conference Center.  Just days earlier, the Owasso Rams football team celebrated a tremendous win at the State Championship so it was quite an honor to have Owasso Rams Football Coach, Bill Blankenship as the Guest Speaker.  Coach Blankenship inspired the audience as he spoke about what a difference you can make when you invest in others.  The entire program ended on a great note, as the Chamber's Incoming Chair, Dr. Kathy Campbell reminded guests to make their reservations for the 2018 Annual Luncheon being held on Friday, January 26th.  Dr. Kathy then played a clip featuring Jill Donovan of Rustic Cuff and the Kindness Effect Project she has been working on with KJRH.  Jill Donovan is the featured speaker of the January 26th event, which is expected to sell-out. 

    If you would like to watch a recording of Coach Blankenship's inspirational message, it is on the Owasso Chamber Facebook Page

    Visit the Chamber's event page to make reservations for the 2018 Annual Luncheon scheduled for January 26th.

    If you are interested in learning more about Jill Donovan and the Kindness Effect, you can watch the video clip that Dr. Kathy Campbell presented at the December Luncheon. 

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