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    Today has been a fun day of research that I want to share with our Chamber Members.  I was working on the February Chamber Update this morning.  Since our February Monthly Luncheon Session is regarding Generational Differences in the Work Place, I had decided that our February Survey Question should be "What Generation Are You?", mainly because I thought it would be nice to know what generations are actually participating in the monthly survey.  Who has the highest participation rate?  To make sure everyone chose their proper generation, I thought I better get my dates straight and include those in the survey answers.  I searched website after website and was shocked to see the same dates appearing over and over. 

    According to these sites, the birth years are (approximately) as follows:
    1926 - 1945  The Silent Generation
    1946 - 1964  Baby Boomers
    1965 - 1979  Gen-X
    1980 - 1994  Millennials (Gen-Y)
    1995 - 2015  Gen-Z

    Is this surprising to anyone else?  I had always heard that Millennials were from 1981 - 2000.  The reason this interests me so much is because my 4 boys are divided (or so I thought).  Their birth years are 1996, 1999, 2004 and 2006.  I had thought the older two were Millennials and the younger two were Generation Z.  In fact, Gary and I had attended a chamber conference in 2015 where the Keynote Speaker discussed Generational Differences.  Being that he and Fayrene are Boomers and I am a VERY proud Gen-Xer, we really enjoyed learning about the differences.  We talked with the speaker after the conference and thought it was funny that even though we are in 2 very different generations, we both have millennial offspring, since the speaker told us that Generation Y (Millennials) are 1981-2000. 

    I asked this particular speaker what the new generation (Gen Z) was going to be called.  At the time she said they were uncertain because that generation had not yet hit the workforce, but early predictions were they would be called either the "Information Generation" or the "Intellectual/Intelligent Generation"  (Artificial Intelligence, etc...).  According to all this new research, my boys aren't split after all.  Apparently, they all fall in Gen Z.  But that's not the point of this article.  I was still not satisfied with these dates so I started reading up on various "Generation Experts".  During my search, I found a fun little quiz that I thought our readers might enjoy.  Check it out here.  I won't say I agree with the results.  In fact, I was appalled by my results!  But it was fun and humorous.  Gary and Fayrene's results were even more interesting than my own. 

    It's Friday so we thought we'd encourage you to have a little fun and share your results with us in the comments below.  Anyone want to guess what our results said?

    Take part in our one question February Poll to help us learn which generation our readers fall in. Check back next month to find the results in the Monthly Poll portion of our blog.  


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