• Band Parade


    Come hear the Pride of Owasso play as they march around Tulsa Tech to kick off the 2017 Trail Days EXPO event!


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  • The Owasso High School Marching Band will begin their procession from the east side of the building, around the north end of the campus.  They will march in to the North Parking Lot, just outside the north entrance to the Conference Center.  Once they are in place, they will be facing south, toward the building.  We invite the public to come out and enjoy the music as we kick off the Trail Days EXPO event.  You are welcome to bring seating, as there will be plenty of outdoor activities all day! 

    Wondering about where to park or where the best view point will be?  Take a look at the maps shown below.  Use the main campus entrance to find parking.  The north entrance will be blocked off to maintain the safety of the band students.  The best vantage point will be just outside the doors of the conference center, facing the parking lot.  The map on the right gives an example of how the band will march in to the lot.  The yellow smiley faces mark where patrons are welcome to line up.  Please be sure to watch from the sidewalk or grassy areas and not in the direct marching path. 

    Jen's Java will be set-up early in the Food Truck area so you can grab some breakfast while you are there!

    After the kick-off performance, be sure to come on inside the conference center for the Home & Business Show! 


  • 2016 Trail Days Band Parade
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