• April 2018 Business Over Breakfast Recap

  • On Tuesday, April 10th the Owasso Chamber of Commerce went just north of the city to hold Business over Breakfast at Arubah Community Clinic in Collinsville.  This was a great opportunity for many of our members to see exactly what Arubah does!  Staff and Board Members were able to show off their wonderful facility and tell guests all about their services. 

    Prize drawings were held for 4 lucky winners! 

    Danny Hamilton with Vision Air Services, Breann Audet of Nutrition Spark and Nutrition Nook, and Peggy Rovenstine of Homestead Assisted Living each won an Arubah T-Shirt.  The grand prize of $60 CASH was won by Dr. Kyle Cavitt of Green Country Chiropractic.  Dr. Kyle insisted on giving his winnings to the clinic, which is a 501(C)(3) Non-profit organization. 

    To learn more about Arubah Community Clinic, check out their website  for details. 



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