• 2018 Golf Tournament Recap

  • On Friday, June 8th, the Owasso Chamber held the Annual Chamber Golf Tournament.  This marks the second year in a row where the tournament was sold out! 

    The Owasso Chamber staff takes pride in the number and quality of door prizes given away to participants in the golf tournament.  Every player receives one door prize entry just for playing.  Any player that purchases Mulligans at 2 for $20, receives 2 additional tickets.  No player has any more than 3 tickets, which makes for greater likelihood that more than half of those in attendance will walk away with a prize! 

    Check-in began at 7 am.  Players received their goody bags, sponsored by Innate Family Chiropractic and their door prize ticket(s).  Breakfast was included in the player registration and was served until 8 am. 

    Play began at 8 am.

    As the teams finished their game, they came back to the clubhouse for lunch and the awards presentation.  Lunch was sponsored by Trails End BBQ.  Door prizes were awarded first.  Next, we had prizes for 3 contest holes.  Closest to the Pin, Longest Putt, and Longest Drive.  Finally, we awarded a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place team for each flight.  We traditionally have 2 flights for our tournament.  Rams and Owls.  Below are the winning names for each of those prizes.  


    This tournament is only possible thanks to the many sponsors that make it happen each year. 
    Please view the event page to see everyone responsible for making this a great tournament each year!


  • 2018 Golf Tournament - Awards Reception
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    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(116-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(124-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(126-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(14-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(15-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(16-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(18-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(2-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(21-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(22-of-126).JPG
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    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(25-of-126).JPG
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    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(29-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(30-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(31-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(32-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(33-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(34-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(35-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(36-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(37-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(38-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(39-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(4-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(40-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(41-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(42-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(43-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(46-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(47-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(48-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(49-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(50-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(52-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(53-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(54-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(56-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(57-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(58-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(59-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(6-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(60-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(61-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(62-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(63-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(64-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(65-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(66-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(67-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(68-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(70-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(71-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(72-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(73-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(74-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(75-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(76-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(77-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(78-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(79-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(8-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(81-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(82-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(83-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(84-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(85-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(86-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(87-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(88-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(89-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(9-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(90-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(91-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(92-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(93-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(94-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(95-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(96-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(97-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(98-of-126).JPG
    • 2018-Golf-Tournament-(99-of-126).JPG

    3rd Place – Cyntergy/Renaissance Realty Team
    Matt Inouye & TJ Thornton - Renaissance Realty And Adam Ward & Seth Hildebrant - Cyntergy

    2nd Place – Shelter Insurance (Trish Lindsey’s Team) 
    Trish Lindsey, Jake Noell and Jim Burns

    1st Place – Campbell & Co. CPA’s (Kenn Campbell’s Team) 
    Kenn Campbell, Tommy Campbell, Ryan Flanary and Chris Curnutt


    3rd Place – Jay, Campbell & Co. CPA’s (Matt Jay’s Team)
    Matt Jay, Thomas Hardy, Bryan Knopp and Eric Ralston

    2nd Place – Osage Casinos Team
    Byron Bighorse, Joseph Standingbear, Aleacia Newby and Jennifer Bighorse

    1st Place – RCB Bank Team
    Skip Mefford, Chris Whiteman, Ray Pruitt and Todd Ward


    Congratulations to all 6 teams for representing the best in their flight. 
    Each player of each of those winning teams won gift certificates as follows:

    3rd Place - $25 Gift Certificate each

    2nd Place - $50 Gift Certificate each

    1st Place - $100 Gift Certificate each



  • Closest to the Pin

    Randy "Tater Salad" Laudermilk
    Playing for Turpen & Associates

  • Sponsored By


  • Longest Putt

    Scott Lasson of Bailey Medical Center
    Playing for the Central National Bank Team

  • Sponsored By

  • Longest Drive

    Ray Adcock
    Playing for Christian Brothers Automotive

  • Sponsored By

  • Congratulations To The Winning Team Of The Tournament, Campbell & Co, CPA's



    Extra special thanks to our golf committee, which includes 2 chamber board members working along side staff each
    year to make this tournament possible.  We can't thank these 2 guys enough for all the work they've put in over the years!

    Kenn Campbell of Campbell & Co., CPA'S and Dr. Jason Drake of Innate Family Chiropractic